Turn Around 

Student: Page Tower, this is Skyhawk 12345
Tower: Roger Skyhawk 345 this Page Tower what are your intentions?
Student: Page Tower, this is Skyhawk 345 seven miles north of the field, coming in for a full stop. Student pilot on board. (In a distinct clear voice, enunciating each syllable.)
Tower: Roger Skyhawk 345. Do a left 360, we need to clear the airspace.

Go Around

Tower: "Aircraft on final, go around, aircraft on runway."
Solo Student Pilot: "Roger" (Continues descent.)
Tower: "Aircraft, GO AROUND"
Student: "Roger" (Continues descent.)
Tower: (Screaming) "AIRCRAFT, GO AROUND!!"
Student: "Roger" (Continues descent.)

So, the student pilot plunks his airplane down on the numbers, taxies up to where the twin is sitting in the middle of the runway, GOES AROUND it, and continues on to the taxiway.

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This page written 3 July 2003 by Robyn Stewart.