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If I gave you instructions to prepare for a flight and I told you that the details were on my website, you have come to the right place.

Some of the links at left are password protected because they contain private information such as my telephone number, my pilot licence number, and the number of times I threw up while flying as a student pilot. My students have the password.

If the information you need isn't here, ask me, of course.

Flying Start Home

This page written 12 December 2002 by Robyn Stewart.  Last revised 15 February 2004.  

Robyn's Flying Start Home
Cessna 150 head on

Robyn's Numbers
Telephone & licence numbers

Routes and instructions for your cross-country flights

YCW Students
Information specific to flying out of Chilliwack

ZBB Students
Information specific to flying out of Boundary Bay

Flight Test Preparation
Are you ready for your flight test?

MY Student Days
A diary of Robyn herself learning to fly

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