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For Student Pilots

        Learn to Fly
                Frequent Excuses List
        Flight Training Process
                        Parts of the Aircraft
                        Preparing for the First Solo
                                Aviation Medical
                                Robyn's Improved PSTAR Study Guide
                                         PSTAR Introduction
                                         PSTAR References
        Student Pilot Resources
                  Exam Guides
                  Information for Robyn's Students
        Good Questions
        Pilot Licence Statistics

Aviation Services 

        Flight Instruction
        Ferry Flights
        Aerial Banners

For All Pilots

        Robyn Recommends
                   Headset reviews
                   Flying stories
                   Movies for pilots
        Foreign Flying
                   Information for foreigners flying in Canada
                   Glossary of US-Canada terminology differences
                   Information for Canadians flying in the US
        Safety Links

Robyn's Twin Otter Zone

        de Havilland Twin Otter


         The Rest of My Life


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